What does your standard package include?

Our standard pricing package includes the following services:

  • Gutter cleaning
  • Downspout flushing
  • Cleanup of any debris on ground from gutter cleaning service
  • Reattaching any loose downspouts to the gutter
  • A general inspection of the condition of the gutter
  • Bagging and curbing of gutter debris
  • $10 per 1000 sqft of home – We take debris with us

What are your limitations?

  • We do not clean 3rd story gutters.
  • We do not work over 28 feet
  • We do not remove gutter guards of any kind
  • We do not snake or clear underground drains
  • We do not repair or install gutters.

Do you offer discounts?

We are currently offering a $20 off special for all new customers until November 15th.
Also, we offer a $20 referral discount if you refer your friends and neighbors to us! Call us for more info!

How do you bill?

  • NoBS Gutter Cleaning / Triple C Window Cleaning will take your credit card information and a reasonable deposit at the time of booking for all gutter cleaning jobs.  This confirms your gutter cleaning service, and you will be given a timeframe for the service to occur. 
  • In order to keep our prices competitive, we do not offer traditional “pay by invoice” billing
  • If the customer is home at the completion of services, we are more than happy to accept personal checks and cash as payment, but we still need a credit card number to confirm the date and in case of the customer not being available upon job completion.
  • We never show up unannounced, perform work and expect payment. All appointments are made and confirmed via email / phone call.

How do you schedule?

Scheduling is on a first come, first served basis.

Our returning customers always have first choice on service dates.

We schedule for an estimated date. Although we try to keep as close to the schedule as possible, sometimes things can change due to weather etc. We will always notify the customer of any deviations from the schedule.

We can only offer firm start times for the first appointment of any given day

We try to accommodate your schedule as much as possible. If you need to be home or need to watch the techs work, we can attempt to schedule a date and time which works for you. We cannot guarantee that we can offer any specific dates and times in the midst of our busy season.

You do not need to be home for us to clean your gutters.

When do you clean my gutters?

We firmly believe that gutters only need to be cleaned 1-3 times a year, depending on your surroundings.

Excessive cleanings and pushy service contracts are a waste of our time and your money 😉

Typically these times are:

  • Spring
  • Late summer
  • Fall (after the leaves come down)

You may opt for 1, 2 or 3 times a year. We do not hard sell you on contracts or excessive service. We keep contact to a minimum.

How do I get a quote?

Give us a call any time at (973) 983 3443 or fill out the nifty little contact form below. We will get back in touch with you as soon as possible!